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Litigation in can be a challenging and unique experience. Exposure risks can vary considerably by venue. To litigate successfully , a party needs a seasoned lawyer who knows the substantive and practical perils and pitfalls which may await at the courthouse door.

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Starting a business means taking a risk. However, you can minimize that risk by getting sound legal advice from experienced professionals. Vardaman Law Firm can assess your business plan, alert you to legal obstacles and help you devise a strategy to avoid or overcome those obstacles. We thoroughly explain the pros and cons of different corporate structures so you can select the entity that best suits your process and goals.

Becoming a business owner does not always require starting a business from the ground up. Many entrepreneurs seek to purchase existing, well-established businesses with a loyal customer base. Purchasing an existing business can be a daunting task; but with our team of experienced, committed attorneys, we can help you realize your goal of owning a business. We can carefully advise you on the best course of action and help you plan a path to accomplish your goal.

Vardaman Law Firm has been representing small businesses since 2007.  These services have included business formation, collections, shareholder lawsuits, employment claims, sexual harassment claims against business owners, contract disputes, and a wide variety of issues dealing with small businesses.  I have also handled a number of different businesses, including beer and alcohol, convenience stores, petroleum companies,real estate brokers, restaurants, plumbing companies and many more. 

As I always remind my business clients, “it’s better to pay me a little now for legal advice, than to pay a lot later because you didn’t call me first.” Always call you lawyer first, it’s just a good idea.

Whatever your business issue is, I can help you.    Contact me today ()870) 417-4979 or email greg@vardamanlaw.com.

When an issue needs to be resolved through civil litigation, it is imperative that you seek the assistance of a skilled lawyer you can trust. We can provide you with the resources and guidance required to effectively approach your civil litigation matter. Your rights and interests will be safeguarded from start to finish.

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Vardaman Law Firm has provided quality, trusted legal representation to people in Southwest Arkansas and beyond. Our firm emphasizes an approach to each case so that you get multiple perspectives and an unparalleled attention to detail for your personal injury case. We will thoroughly investigate every aspect of your accident to build the strongest case in favor of your compensation so that you can make the best recovery possible.

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