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Divorce & child custody



Custody of a child is an important and sometimes complicated relationship between separated parents.  The parents may not always be able to work together and agree what is best for their child.  A difficult relationship can be tough for both the parents and the child.  These problems can often be solved with a thorough and well thought out custody order that clearly spells out the rights of each parent.  I understand child custody, and I can help clients find the best custodial arrangement for their family.

When an existing custody order no longer works for a family, we represent parents to modify those orders, whether the modifications are to joint custody or primary custody with one parent.  If a change in custody is by agreement, or a lawsuit to move custody from one parent to another, we offer legal representation to get the custody order that best fits the family.


Sometimes, marriage is no longer the best option for a family.  When this time comes, I tailor my services to meet my clients needs.

When a divorce is a fight, I am a fighter for my client.  I aggressively seek support during the separation period.  In court, I aggressively fight for my client’s claim to marital assets, custody, and support.  After the divorce is granted, I stand by my client to ensure enforcement of court orders.  If circumstances change, I can help meet my client’s needs to modify the terms of a previous divorce or custody order.

When a divorce is uncontested, I offer legal counsel to limit injury to the family caused by the divorce.  I will appraise the marital situation, and provide experienced assistance on issues of custody, visitation, spousal support, child support, and property distribution. In these circumstances, I understand that the family dynamic may be changing, but people may have to cooperate with each other for years.


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Understanding ALL OF Your Options

I work with my clients to identify their concerns and goals, and help them understand and evaluate their options. We advise our clients on the likely range of outcomes, help them formulate a course of action, and then we pursue that course of action with purpose.

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