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Purchases and Sales

For most people, the sale of their home will be the single biggest financial transaction of their lifetime. Having an experienced attorney to provide the necessary advice is critical in matters of such importance and financial impact. We help facilitate the process of purchase and sale of real estate by providing every kind of assistance with the purchase or sale and closing of title for your home, condo or co-op.

Initial consultations are no-obligation, free consultations to discuss your case. Call us at (870) 417-4979.  You can also email me at greg@vardamanlaw.com.

Understanding Your Options

Real estate is more than just buying and selling property.  Any real estate transaction can be quite complex, considering the numerous—and intricate—legal, financial, and title issues involved. 

In Arkansas, one of the more common issues of real estate are Boundary Line Disputes. No matter which “side of the fence you’re on,” a boundary line dispute can cause stress and stir up strife between neighbors and/or nearby businesses. A practiced attorney can let you know your legal rights and advise you on the most appropriate course of action to take when you’re involved in a disagreement on where the property line falls.

At Vardaman Law Firm  we can ensure that you have clear title to your property, and help you successfully navigate every twist and turn you encounter while negotiating and closing your real estate transactions, incuding:.

Offer and Acceptance Contracts – Because it specifies critical information about the pending sale of property and sets into motion a fast-moving stream of events, the offer and acceptance contract is a key document in any real estate transaction. A seasoned real estate attorney can prepare and/or review your offer and acceptance to make sure the deal gets started on the right foot.

Lease Agreements – The lease agreement addresses a wide range of issues involved in renting a property, from the amount of rent and deposit required to the rules and conditions of occupancy. An experienced real estate attorney can help you make sure the lease agreement you’re entering includes the conditions you require and is legally sound.

Document Preparation – A successful real estate closing depends on accurate legal documents. At The Vardaman Law Firm we go to great lengths to make sure the documents essential to your real estate transaction are comprehensive, complete, and correct.

Deeds – The deed is the legal document that describes the property you’re purchasing and states who owns it. It’s essential that the deed is prepared by a qualified attorney, one who specializes in real estate. The Vardaman Law Firm can prepare deeds, mortgages, notes, and any other documents necessary for the successful completion of your real estate transaction.


Initial consultations are no-obligation, free consultations to discuss your case. Call us at (870) 417-4979.  You can also email me at greg@vardamanlaw.com.

Don’t Negotiate Alone

Having an attorney present isn’t a legal requirement in many of these scenarios, but turning negotiation agreements into legally-binding contracts is not the easiest process. Even minor setbacks during negotiations could result in the loss of tens of thousands of dollars in the coming years, and our team can ensure that you are being treated fairly no matter which side of the transaction you are on. From the moment that you contact our firm, our attorneys can inform you on your options before negotiations and then create airtight contracts that adhere to all state laws.

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