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As both a former Judge, and as an attorney, I presided over and handled hundreds of accident cases.  When truck companies and drivers fail to uphold their responsibilities and an accident results, their insurance company will try to insist that the blame rests with the other vehicle’s driver or road conditions. I am prepared to take action quickly on your behalf.  Whether your case involves injuries sustained in a collision, jackknife accident or underride accident, or you have questions about the causes of truck accidents and the types of truck accident injuries, I am here to assist you.

Trucking Accidents Can Lead to Serious Injuries

PRESERVE THE EVIDENCE:   It is critical that maintenance records, repair records and driver records be preserved immediately to determine whether the truck involved in your accident was properly maintained and repaired, and that your driver was properly trained to drive the big rig, and was not under the influence while driving.  These records are essential to your case and must not “disappear.”  Hire an attorney quickly to force the truck company to preserve these records. 

An accident with a truck is different from a typical passenger car collision. First of all, there is a greater likelihood of injury or wrongful death. There’s also usually a corporation involved, which may have hired a poor driver, or failed to maintain the truck. The insurance coverage issues are more complex, and there are federal regulations to consider. A skilled truck accident lawyer will know how to navigate these challenging issues. Vardaman Law Firm knows these types of cases, and knows how to get fair compensation for their clients.

The size and weight of a semi truck or any other large truck translates into a significant amount of force in a truck crash, which can lead to catastrophic – or fatal – injuries for drivers and passengers in smaller vehicles. Those injuries can require weeks, months, or even years of recovery. In some situations, you may be permanently harmed as a result of a truck crash.

REMEMBER:  If you have been injured in a collision with a large commercial vehicle like an 18 wheeler, tractor trailer or other truck, seek legal advice before making any statements to or signing anything from the truck company or its insurance company. 

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When seeking compensation for a potentially life-changing injury, you will have to prove your injuries. The Insurance Company will do anything and everything to diminish the value of your claim. An accident attorney can help you evaluate your situation, and consider the full and enduring impact your injuries will have on your life. That can be done by gathering evidence and presenting information from trained medical experts.


Vardaman Law Firm has provided quality, trusted legal representation to people in Southwest Arkansas and beyond since 2007. Our firm emphasizes an approach to each case so that you get multiple perspectives and an unparalleled attention to detail for your personal injury case. We will thoroughly investigate every aspect of your accident to build the strongest case in favor of your compensation so that you can make the best recovery possible.

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